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Vérone Mankou
Vérone Mankou

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The path to the point I am today has not been smooth. Due to my young age and my total lack of experience – at the time I started – I had to overcome countless difficulties. When I try to look back, I sometimes think I’ve had more failures than successes. And it is precisely those failures that have forged me ; that brought me to maturity.

Understand that it was not on the benches of the school that I received the greatest teachings that made me the entrepreneur that I am : (un)fortunately.

I said “unfortunately” because I would have liked to start on a solid foundation, that is, possessing the fundamental knowledge required to effectively manage a business. I am talking here about the deeper concepts of salesmanship, taxation, accounting, strategic planning, human resources management and many others, as I believe that these skills would have avoid some stupid beginner mistakes that I made. All these courses are taught in major business schools … which I did not have the chance to attend. But, good things can come from bad ones.

On the other hand, I had the chance to attend another form of school : one where apprenticeship does not obey any program ; where the teacher can be anyone and sometimes the most unexpected. You’ve certainly understood that I’m talking about the school of life.

Indeed – and “fortunately” for me – life taught me things that, when I capitalize them, go beyond what we can learn on the benches of the conventional school. So, in addition to the failures, exchanges with people, television and books (to name but a few) have proven to be sources of outstanding knowledge in my career.

Since many of my contacts on social networks solicit my advice on business management, I decided to share my little knowledge with them ; with all of you. I promised myself to tell you everything and to give you all the tricks and lessons that enabled me to straighten out, over time, my staggering entrepreneurial approach of the past.

For example, I plan on publishing regularly on Facebook information about the best business books I have read so far, to help those who are currently facing the problem I had in my early days . In the same spirit, I will draw on this blog the portraits of the people who inspire me.

I have also made a commitment to share frequently the quotes that renew my motivation and any other type of content likely to strengthen the will to start a business. More surprises will be announced in the coming days.

What do I gain ?

Do you have trouble understanding why I do it ? (It simply means that you lack insight 😀 ). But I will answer you.

I do so because I have found that entrepreneurship is becoming more and more attractive to young people today. I do it for those young Africans who carry out projects that can greatly improve our lives. It is clear that the majority of those project owners do not know how to get started and where to start.

And those young people, I want to help them (even if to propel my future competitors) because I sincerely believe that our concern for the development of our dear Africa must take precedence over the selfish interests that an entrepreneur can have. We have to go beyond that logic.

That is why I feel obliged to take on the responsibility of accompanying those in need by providing them with the tools that enabled me to find my way into the world of entrepreneurship, from my first step until now.

Far be it from me to be a self-proclaimed mentor, my approach is part of a logic of solidarity. I firmly believe that we Africans must help each other rather than advocate individualism.

Let us help ourselves to breathe new life into the development of our continent. And above all, let us ensure that our will to help is always devoid of private profit. That is the message I would like to convey to you.

“Africanly” yours 🙂