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I’m Vérone Mankou, entrepreneur, speaker, blogger and author …

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[…]  Definitely, Africa will become a very powerful continent. To make that possible quickly, we really have to work on it. It is our duty as youngs to make our contribution to get this joint project done. We are the hope for this continent and Africa’s future depends on our present choices. Africa of tomorrow  will not happen without our effort. It is therefore time for us to roll up our sleeves and get down to work in order to build a strong, prosperous and secure Africa.


The Entrepreneur

“I consider Africa as a blank picture which has to be painted by entrepreneurs. As far as I am concerned, I’ve already put three color shades on the canvas …”

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VMK is an innovating company, specialised in mobile technologies, known for putting on the market the first tablet PC and smartphone designed in Africa.

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BantuHub Foundation is a non-profit organization comitted to promote ICT. Its second mission is to foster young entrepreneuship in Republic of Congo.

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Vox Médias is a press group which aims to make a splash in the congolese media ecosystem by providing high value contents to citizens.

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The blogger
The author

I am sure that digital and new technologies will support the long term development of our continent. I also believe that digital respresents a growth opportunity for Africa and it is the reason why I wrote, two years ago, an essay to present my vision of technology ecosystem in my country.


My book suggests the implementation of a significant number of proposals in the new digital economy strategy. It is my humble contribution to boost the technology field in Congo.


As African countries are deeply interwined through common social, economic and political realities, I do believe that my proposals could be modified to suit other countries which are willing to become a privileged destination for tech-entrepreneurs.

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